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We founded the English School of Tomorrow with one goal: to give our students the best, most valuable learning experience. 
English School of Tomorrow is located in the center of Kharkiv and
reflects the turbulent energy of the region.
Our teachers are dedicated people with great experience here to help students achieve their goals. Are you ready to realize your potential? Join us today!

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Modern and traditional education

We built our methodology on a skillful combination of modern communicative and traditional teaching methods. Our program includes all aspects of the language, but the emphasis is on conversational practice and listening.

For this purpose, we use the British allowance. Their indisputable advantages are known to everyone: a modern colloquial language, a variety of communicative skills, informativeness, interesting topics, powerful video and audio support. The New English File set at all levels includes a textbook, a workbook and a multimedia disc for working with audio materials and interactive exercises on vocabulary and grammar to consolidate the material learned.

Our school has developed and uses an exclusive author's grammar book consisting of 4 levels from A1 to B2.

However, there is clearly not enough grammatical material in British textbooks. Based on this, the methodologists of the School developed their grammar manual, which includes both theory and practice. We proceeded from the fact that, firstly, situational memorization of phrases does not provide a tool for constructing one's replica in any other situation, and secondly, it is known for certain that an adult still uses his native language when learning a foreign language, comparing and making analogies.

Therefore, the main principles of our grammar are logic, understanding, consolidation and application. The manual consists of 4 parts: Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate+Advanced. All rules are summarized in tables, and explanations in words are kept to a minimum. The material is presented in a complex, in a convenient sequence for Russian-speaking listeners. More attention is paid to those structures that are not characteristic or absent in the Russian language. We have included in the manual a sufficient amount of exercises for translation from the Russian language, because we believe that this is an effective way of fixing the material. It is interesting for our students to think, develop and achieve conscious use of grammatical rules. This is the joy of knowledge. Yes, this path is not the easiest, but it is the most reliable.

Another aspect of traditional school is home reading. Starting with small stories, in 2 years we go from adapted published to original literature, which, undoubtedly, our students are proud of. These texts serve as material for discussion, consolidating vocabulary and grammar. An obligatory and, of course, the most pleasant part of every lesson is watching films: in the junior semesters - academic ones, in the senior ones - in the original language.

Despite the high intensity and high pace, you will not get tired, because The School considers the principle of fun to be one of the main principles covering all aspects of education. In classes, everything is like in life: our listeners make friends, discuss news, sing songs, learn poems, give presentations, arrange discussions and concerts.

And finally, the School preserves traditional views on homework, that is, it is there and it must be done. In general, I would like to emphasize once again that all methodological techniques are aimed at the conscious use of the English language in all areas of your life.

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